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Moving Day Preparation: Removal Companies Top Tips

Moving can be stressful, but doesn’t need to be. Follow simple advice from Removal Companies across the UK.

It’s never too early to prepare!

Don’t waste time, money, or effort, by moving everything over.  Plan ahead. Plan the layout of existing furniture in the new house.  Decide which rooms will house which pieces of furniture. For any pieces you no longer require, sell them on eBay, face book, or gumtree, or even freecycle to help someone else.  Work out what’s missing, and search for the best deals in advance, leaving time for delivery around moving day.

6 weeks to go

A few things to prepare for before the removal company shows up: check you’ve given enough notice to landlords; check the processes for changing utilities over (they may take a few weeks to implement changes); tell your company in advance you need time off.  Minimise the amount of packing you need to do leading up to moving day – spend the month before working through the house and packing up the loft, or working through drawers that don’t get used often.  Try to only leave unpacked items that you will use between now and moving day – write an inventory on each box, and write which room the box is destined for!

4 weeks to go

Start researching and booking removal companies in your area.  Are there any maintenance issues that need attention? Make a list and work through them – don’t leave them all until moving day! Similarly with cleaning – don’t leave any serious dirt to be tackled on moving day, you won’t have time! Continue to pack up clothes and other items which you know you won’t be using before moving, including kitchen appliances like bread makers or fondue sets which are unlikely to be used in the upcoming month.

1 week to go

Try to finish off any washing, including bed sheets, towels, bath mats etc, so that you don’t feel you need to tackle any of these around moving day. Buy disposable plates and cups – don’t end up washing up crockery after giving the removal  men a cup of tea! Finish off your packing during the week as you use something for the last time. Use suitcases and holdalls for all the things you’ll need daily in the new house, just as you would for a holiday.

Moving Day

You’re all set. Stay calm, trust the removal company to look after your belongings, and enjoy creating your new home piece by piece, taking as many days as you need, as all your essentials will be easily accessible.

Transit Express Director - Martin Meehan

Martin Meehan - Director

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